Product Functions


  • HIPAA compliant
  • Connects to EHR and other data systems
  • Language translation and literacy optimizing
  • Intuitive communication tools
  • Robust data reports
  • Cloud and web-based
  • Companion mobile app

Functions Features
Empowers consumers to engage in their own treatment. Consumers invite team members, give treatment feedback and track their own progress.
Protects confidentiality and privacy. Automatically manages HIPAA compliance and permission forms.
Enhances the effectiveness of outside digital tools by integrating them into the treatment plan. Can offer self-care, tele-psychiatry, passive monitoring, and coaching.
Integrates communications for crisis management. Connects the team in real time, 24/7.

For Providers

Functions Features
Gives providers up-to-date and real-time data and avoids duplicate entry. Integration with EHR and other information repositories.
Captures provider recommendations which reflect treatment plans and goals. Software solution enables consumers to view providers’ latest recommendation and resources.
Facilitates provider revenue. Links to state-specific reimbursement codes.

Creates Effective Care Collaboration.

Collaboration tools connect information to and from the electronic health record and other care system repositories to create a comprehensive real-time consumer profile. The care team of providers, friends, and family members is tightly coordinated and kept in the know. The mobile app facilitates on-the-go access.