Mission & Vision


We deliver technology to providers giving them greater insight to take action to help their clients overcome behavioral health challenges.


We imagine a healthcare system where care teams can easily place a client's needs first, communicate with multiple stakeholders and use more robust data to inform treatment. The result is better clinical outcomes, a world where no one suffers alone, and where help is available at the click of a button.

Our Story

SageSurfer was launched after one of our founders, Anupam Khandelwal, experienced the heartbreak of losing a close relative to suicide. After watching his loved one struggle and succumb to his mental illness, Anupam was motivated to help clients and caregivers navigate a convoluted and inefficient healthcare system. Building on a career in healthcare information technology, Anupam assembled a team driven by their own moving personal stories and who have expertise as advocates and clinicians. Together, they built SageSurfer's technology.