Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Providers

  • A care team made up of a client and medical, social service and family caregivers.
  • Care coordinators, family members and clients are the primary users.
  • SageSurfer is priced on a subscription basis (usually per client per month) with a one-time setup fee.
  • See customer page.
  • Community behavioral health providers mostly community mental health centers.
  • Integrated healthcare providers like hospitals, outpatient clinics, and Accountable Care Organizations.
  • Government (state/local) agency behavioral health providers.
  • Medicaid/Medicare insurance plans.
  • Yes, and we have worked with many EHR companies.
  • Yes. We provide comprehensive onboarding not just for technical staff but also frontline, management and clinical staff. Ongoing customer support is also provided.

FAQ for Clients

  • SageSurfer is free to clients and their caregivers through their treatment providers who are SageSurfer customers.
  • Once your treatment provider invites you to use the software, you can access it on the Internet through your desktop computer and mobile devices.
  • You use our software to keep an open line of communication with all of your providers and caregivers. It makes it easier for you to monitor personal goals, give feedback on your treatment plan and track progress.
  • Members of your care team whom you designate to have access.
  • Yes. We maintain strict confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA*and state laws.
    * The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996