Changes in healthcare delivery, payment structures, and clinical practicehave brought about many challenges for service providers, payers and consumers. In a rapidly evolving landscape, our goal is to leverage the power of technology to bring together stakeholders, with the consumers at the focal point, to achieve better care outcomes.

SageSurfer’s innovative platform enhances collaboration among members of a person’s professional and personal care team. Our web-based tools provide seamless communications and data reports across the continuum of care so everyone – including providers, family members, supportive friends, peer counselors, and consumers – has access to real-time information. This capability can help eliminate duplicate efforts, reduce errors and costs and increase consumer satisfaction.


Our mission is to help people with behavioral health challenges more actively participate in treatment and vocalize their opinions about their care. We want consumers to have more “voice” and “choice” in their treatment, for family members and natural supports to be engaged in discussions and true partnerships to be developed with service providers.

With one in four individuals suffering from behavioral health issues, our goal, through our collaborative web-based solution, is tocreate a place where people can get the resources, supports, and interventions they critically need.When a team, made-up of professionals, consumers, family members and friends are fully engaged in service delivery in real-time, it produces better outcomes and ensures integrated and coordinated care.


Our Story

SageSurfer was created after one of our founders experienced the heartbreak of losing a close relative to suicide. As a family member, he watched his loved one struggle with symptoms while trying to navigate a convoluted and inefficient healthcare system. He also observed clinicians and support staff who were constantly asked to take on more tasks with fewer resources, and obstacles that interfered with adequate and timely communication among various service providers.

These experiences inspired him to apply his health technology expertise to create a web-based platform that puts the person at the center of their health decisions and care planning, and engages family members and/or other natural supports to collaborate with the consumer and their service providers to providethe best care.